** Memorial Tributes to Norma Marek ** 

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  For Norma Marek
by Virginia Ellis
A Fallen Poetic Comrade
by Pearlie Duncan Walker
An Angel Has Risen Above
by Pamela Lawson



 Love and Romance

Memories Of You 'Til The Stars No Longer Shine
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Norma's Personal Links

Meet Norma Marek Meet My Family
Photographs My Poetry
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American Indian Poetry

Indian Lullaby Call of the Cherokee
Walking With The Shadows Watch This Space
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** Poetry dedicated to Norma by Friends **

Alone We Shall Never Be
by Peggy O'Hara
My Prayer For You
by Gloria Martel
The Little Bird's Song
by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
With Love To Norma
by Francine Pucillo
A Memory
by Eunice Powe
Angel Shadows In The Night
Window to Your Soul
by Valentyne Lang

Help Me Bear Her Burdens
by Sue Wilkinson

My Little Buddy, Norma
by Sue Wilkinson


** Poetry Written By My Friends **



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