~~ A Fallen Poetic Comrade ~~

In Memory of Norma Marek

She was a friend to many; she shall be remembered by all
Who ever held pen in hand. God was ready to call,
This lovely Christian lady poet, who won the heart of so many,
I am sure many will meet her, at Heavens’ gates, with hugs aplenty.

She was a talented Poetess, who, made many friends each day.
I know Norma will be numbered in many hearts, in many ways.
She loved the Lord, and wrote a letter to Him, to tell Him it’s ok,
If He were ready for her to come be with Him, willingly, she’d pray.

Come for me Lord; take me from all the pain and dismay,
For she loved and accepted His Son Jesus, she went with Him today.
Her cheer brought many smiles from family and friends, the same.
She knew in her heart and soul, to Pray, in Jesus name.

Norma, will be missed, by her many friends, all well known,
I am so happy she had lasting, friendship before she went home.
But we will see her there when it’s our time to go home,
To the Father and Son I have loved, almost my whole lifelong.

I pray for her family and friends today. I know their grief is great,
But, some day up yonder Norma will meet us all at the gate.
She is a Saint among saints and her work will be remembered well.
Let us not forget this poet, of poets, as in Heaven, today she dwells

© Pearlie Duncan Walker ~ 19th July 2004

Thank you so much Pearlie for the beautiful memorial
tribute for our dear friend Norma Marek.

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