When I woke up this morning, with sun shining in my face,
Memories surrounded me, they were everyplace.
A flower for my birthday on a table near my bed,
A hair upon my pillow that had fallen from my head.

Two dolls my husband gave me, a few short years ago,
An Easter basket from my son, a mirror with a warm and gentle glow.
An open coke I had, before I went to sleep last night,
My ring on my finger, shining oh so bright.

A card with pretty flowers, and words that made me cry,
I saw puppies playing, then something caught my eye.
It was the rug on my floor that had felt my grandson's feet,
The one I miss so much that I feel his music's beat.

He didn't play it loud but the bass sounded through the house,
Now through each and every room, its silent as a mouse.
An old pair of house shoes my daughter gave me years ago,
My husband's old boots that protect him from the snow.

A purse that's full of papers, not organized a bit,
The chair by the computer where I often sit.
A piece of brass shaped like a swan, reminds me of my son's wife,
She loves pretty things, I'm glad she's in my life.

The fork my daughter ate from the last time she was here,
I don't get to see her often so that fork is very dear.
A carpenters much used pencil, lying on the floor,
The fingerprints of grandchildren, on my bedroom door.

As I lay in my bed and look around, it's all here for me to see,
And I thank God that these things belong to me.
I turn to inner thoughts that abound in my mind,
they're always there, they're no trouble for me to find.

Some happy, others sad, but they're memories I'll always keep,
All these things were in my bedroom when I awoke from sleep.
Many times I've wakened and looked around this room,
But today it was different, I guess I've been blind,
To not have seen all the things that I could find.

I've often thought I wasn't loved, but oh, how wrong I've been,
I see love everywhere, from this bed I'm in!
Each room has something to remind me how wonderful my life really is,
GOD has been good to me, and these memories are also HIS.

Now when you wake up some morning, take time to look around,
I bet you'll find the memories, that I've already found.
Your lives will be full of all the things you've seen and done,
And you will find happiness beneath the shining sun.

Just think all these things came to me in the room in which I sleep,
When I awoke this morning there were precious memories for me to keep.
I didn't have to move from bed to see all these things I found,
All I had to do was lie there and... just look around.

What a wonderful thing it is, to have memories in my mind,
And see things that mean so much to me, yes my life was kind.
Here I am, friend, Mom, Grandma and wife,
How lucky I am, to have lived this life.

  Norma Cornett Marek ~ 3rd November 2001

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