I'm your guardian angel, but
you see I'm all broken and torn.
God made me beautiful, but
now my body looks old and worn.

My wings are not smooth and fluffed
as they should always be.
Taking care of you, and keeping
you safe, has done all this to me.

When you fell into the sinful life,
I picked you from the ground.
When you lost your desire to live,
I turned your thoughts around.

I am the angel that saved you
from leaving the one you love.
I am the angel that God sent to you
from His home high above.

The night you rolled your car
and ended up cut and hurt,
Is the night my dress was soiled
with mud, with beer, with dirt.

The feathers lying on the ground
came from my torn right wing.
And the golden hair that was found
was once your wedding ring.

My eyes are no longer pretty,
now they are bruised and sore.
I am the tattered angel that
helped you make it to your door.

God's love for you will never cease
...someday you will see
When this tattered angel will
lovingly take you home with me.

Until then I won't give up
I'll stay right there by you.
And try to keep you safe
that's what I'm here to do.

Yes I'm your guardian angel
though looking old and worn.
This tattered angel loves you
even though my heart is torn.

Norma Marek ~ 17th March 1992

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