If I should call on you today,
would you wear a smile?
If I should travel many miles,
would it be worth my while?
If I should want to sit and talk,
would you listen to what I say?
Or would you wish that I hadnít come,
and turn my love away?

If I should need you to hold my hand
and hug me to your heart,
Would you say you have to go,
before my words could even start?
Or would you say come right on in,
Iíve been waiting just for you.
Would you show me that being friends,
is love pure and true?

Could we talk of anything
and not frown and criticize?
Could you trust me to tell you truth
and never any lies?
Would you cry when I leave
and miss me when Iíve gone?
Or would you say I am glad she went
and just left me alone?

Let me answer these questions,
for I know just what youíd do.
Your heart would be glad that I,
had taken time to visit you.
We could talk of anything and laugh,
maybe even cry.
And tears would flow when I left
and waved to you goodbye.

Our friendship conquers mountains
and rivers never ran as deep
And we have no miles between us,
because of the love we keep.
We see the same stars and moon
and worship the same God.
We are true friends as people say...
two peas in a pod.

© 2001 ~ Norma Marek

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