~~ My Child Is An Angel ~~

I watched the leaf as it slowly floated ‘round and ‘round
It came to rest on the stone where you lay beneath the ground.
It was an autumn day with sunshine and clean crisp air
My heart said you should be here and I should be resting there.

As I knelt to brush the leaf away I saw a bird beyond the stone
I rose to my feet and decided to leave the leaf alone.
It was a vivid gold and the bird a pretty blue
Somehow I thought God had sent them both to you.

As the flowers I brought were arranged upon your resting place
A tear so hot and hurting ran down my face.
It landed on a petal and looked like a drop of dew so clear
I could almost feel your presence and see your face so dear.

Then I glanced at the sky and was startled for in a cloud
I saw you smiling and looking so pure and proud.
Snow white wings you carried and a light shined all around
My child was an angel! He wasn’t in the ground!

I rose to my feet with tears flowing freely to cleanse my heart
I had an angel living with God that’s why we had to part.
Your home wasn’t here, it was in heaven and you were on loan to me
I have to leave you in our Lord’s hands to stay for all eternity.

© Norma Marek ~ 14 November 2001

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