Hearts are left barren and desolate when memories are all we have,
Though given as a gift to reflect on, bygone times and places,
we sometimes wish that never were.

We cannot go back except in our mind, to a place that once seemed bleak
but now seems to be a loss of part of us, which we can never recover.
Days pass into infinity and are lost forever to our grasp of presence.

Oh heart, must you take us to times that are forever gone
and make us crave what we cannot have?
Why can we not forget?
Why can we not long for the future and not the past?

Is it that our future is unknown and feared,
but our past is familiar and safe?
Whichever it be, let us walk with courage onward to tomorrow
which will become today and one more memory
to carry with us through life.

Must we forever be a slave to an unreachable time
Time slipping through our fingers as sand through a sieve
Release me to the present and take all the yesterdays and tomorrows.
Cage them in a jewelled box where they cannot escape
to haunt the short span we have.

Sometimes sweet..... sometimes bitter.....
memories pierce as sharpest swords.

Norma Marek ~ 24 September 2003

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