~~ I Walk Alone ~~

Memories of walks with you along this path,
Gently caress my day.
We laughed and talked and tasted the wind,
All along the way.

Since youíre not here I take this walk alone,
Then tell you what I see.
For somewhere my love I feel in my heart,
You are waiting for me.

Snow draped pines bowing to bare oak trees,
Standing majestic and tall.
A lonely leaf still clings to itís branches,
Where it lived last fall.

A bird seeking food in the quiet woods,
Finds berries here and there.
While itís mate calls a lovely clear song.
Resounding in the air.

White flakes of snow floating ever so softly,
Covering all the ground.
As a solitude surrounds the path I walk,
Footsteps not making a sound.

A whippoorwill sounds itís lonely song,
I look but cannot see.
It seems to come to my ears from all around,
Echoing back to me.

Though this season of winter comes every year,
It seems more beautiful each time.
My eyes capture things Iíve not seen before,
And I revel in what I find.

© Norma Marek ~ 20 December 2003

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