~~ Did You Know I Spent The Day With You ~~

When I blew the wind you asked for it to cool your hot and tired body;
I thought you would know that I was there
When I took you safely home to let you rest and sleep
I thought you would know that I was there.

I tried to talk to you, no answer did I get
I called your name when the day was done with a beautiful sunset
I put my hand on your shoulder when you were worried, beside you I took a seat
You didn't feel it, you felt only your tired and aching feet.

When you laid down in your bed I thought you would speak to me then
No, you went off to sleep so you could start your day again.
Tomorrow I'll be with you once more as I have been since your birth
Sometime in the future you'll call on me when your time comes to leave the earth.

I will not forsake you - I'll be right there by your side
I'll hold your hand and talk to you, til then my time I will bide.
Each day I'll keep hoping that you will someday understand
That I've been there for every step you took and always held your hand.

Through each trial you had, each hurt you endured, through each joy and tear
You will know that I cared enough to be there, that I was always near.
A happy day it will be for me when you reach out and let me touch your hand
A happy day it will be for you when my love you understand.

I've waited many years for you to let me help you with your needs
Your heart is good and filled with love and unselfish deeds.
But without me in your life, the things you do are all in vain
It's like a sprinkle on a garden that's gone for weeks without rain.

I won't give up on you my child, I'll be with you tomorrow
I'll smile if you are happy and dry your tears if you have sorrow.
I'll call your name again with a gentle wind, while I give you another day,
I'll wait for you to talk to me, I'll wait for you to pray.

Norma Marek ~ 9th July 2000

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Art by Roger Loveless used courtesy of  Christ Centered Art

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