~~ My Sweet Friend ~~

As I walk through life I see love everywhere,
When I needed you my friend I could feel you there.
If you ever need me I'll stick right by your side,
I'll cry and laugh with you, in my heart you'll abide.

Each day I'll ask God to help you with all your trials,
I'll ask Him to give you a face kissed with smiles.
I want all your hurt and worries to release your sweet soul,
To help you through all your troubles is my loving goal.

I wish you days of sunshine, beneath your feet warm sand,
Yes my friend I love you; won't you take my hand?
Let me help you with your burdens as you've done for me,
Talk to me my sweet friend, my love for you is free.

Norma Marek ~ 4th November 2003

....dedicated to Judy, a friend like no other