~~ Will You Spend Some Time With Me ~~

Please look beyond my
imperfections and see the real me.
Iím loving and caring,
and if you take the time to see,
Youíll find a woman who is lonely
and reaching out to you,
For unconditional friendship
thatís true, through and through.

I may not be pretty or meet
your expectations of what I should be,
But if you take the time to know me
I think that you will see,
No truer friend you can find
than that which comes from my soul,
And though I am old and filled with pain,
friendship is my goal.

You ask, "Have you no children?"
..My answer is, "Yes I do,
But they are busy with their lives
and the times I see them are few.Ē
Maybe a call once a week
or a wave as they pass by my home,
A gift at Christmas, but other than that,
I am always all alone.

I could bake you pies
and make candy for your lovely kids,
And make you jelly with pretty
ribbons tied around the lids.
I may be bent and slow
when I try to take a walk,
But there is nothing wrong
with the way I can sit and talk.

I can tell you stories from
my days of long, long ago,
I could paint you pictures,
oh the beauty they would show.
So wonít you spend some time with me
before I pass away,
And make me feel needed
for even just today?

I wonít be a bother and take a lot
of your time, nor make demands.
All I want is to do for others
with my loving, caring hands.
So think about what I have said
and let me know what you decide.
Iíll wait until I hear from you
because all I have is time to bide.

© Norma Marek ~ 7 May 1992

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