~~ My Little Buddy, Norma ~~

September 03, 2003, my friend Norma Marek had Lung Cancer surgery.
Her husband Joe called me as soon as surgery was completed and gave
me the great news that all had gone well. I was praising His holy name
and thanking Him for answering the Mountain Movin' Waryers
Prayer Group's cries once more.

Last night as this poem came to me, I tried to make it sorta humorous for Norma,  as she can laugh with the best of us; without taking anything away
from the great miracle the Lord has performed.

Now...at one time or other we have been in the hospital, or have known someone who has.  Hospital food isn't home cookin', we all know that.
You will see why I'm explaining this in the 5th verse.

I'm not gross...just honest!

I sent this to Norma via snail mail, along with many, many prayers
from the Waryers.

God bless you Norma  ~~  Sue Wilkinson

There lays my little buddy... she ain't up to par,
Once again her little body the doctor had to mar.
She ain't movin' much, actually sorta slow,
Cause the mighty fine doctor had to sew, and sew!

"Wow, holy catfish, golly gee, Oh, mercy; that hurts",
Irregardless of the pain, she continues to be alert!
Then here comes the nurse with the medicine for pain,
What a welcome sight, as it goes thru her vein!

Relief has come for a very short while,
Ole Norma feels better...why, she can still smile!
However the relief was a temporary thing,
She hollered for the nurse the pain meds to bring.

Of course it isn't time for meds so soon,
Norma just lies there like a dried up prune!
Then here comes the fellow from dietary,
Whistling a tune, so happy and merry!

She removed the cover from the top of the plate,
Mercy... it was awful, it looked like fishin' bait!
Then in comes the aide to bring some fresh water,
Right behind the aide, in walks her daughter.

"Hi Mom", she says..."You're sure lookin' good,
But that's no surprise, I figured you would".
The nurse pops in saying it's time to walk,
Norma's actin' like a mule..she's beginning to balk.

"Surely you don't expect me to move my feet,
I can barely move, I'm doing well to eat!"
"Yes, Mrs. Marek, that's what the doctor ordered,
And that's exactly what has been recorded".

Well, bless my soul....poor, sweet Norma thought,
Ole Doc Wilson sure expects an awful lot!
Norma begins to think...Doc knows what's best,
Can he not remember how sore he made my chest?

Oh, well...who knows... maybe I can move,
Ole Doc must think so, he wants me to improve.
Improve she did, each and everyday,
The Mountain Movin' Waryers knew how to pray!

Pray they did, for Sister Norma was in need,
God was there all the time, yes indeed!
He said, "Cast your burdens .. all upon Me,
I'll take care of you, just wait and see!"

He gave sight to the blind, He healed the lame,
If we'll only trust Him, for us He'll do the same!
Thank you Father for being with our dear friend,
For we know upon You we can always depend!

We'll be made immortal, our bodies brand new,
We will enter Your City, Dear Lord we thank You!
What a grand time for many it will be,
When we meet You, Your lovely face we see!

Lord if you would, give her strength to stay strong,
For You know Sister Norma to You does belong.
You've promised never to leave us, on this we can rely,
For we shall soon meet You in the by and by!

Sue Wilkinson ~ 4 September, 2003

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