Australia   ~~

Far across the waters and beyond my sunset,
Is a place that my mind will not let me forget.
There Lives a land of wonders I have yet to see.
A far off land that often sweetly calls to me.

Come see my many animals it seems to softly say,
Iíll give you love and warmly welcome you to stay.
The breeze will cool your body and trees give you shade,
Youíll see me put on a show as the day begins to fade.

My soft soil you will enjoy and fill you with wonder,
When you come to this land thatís called down under.
A mamma kangaroo with a baby Joey close to her,
All snugged against her body in her fine downy fur.

America has the native Indian to grace her history,
My land has itís natives theyíre called Aborigine.
Some paintings made with dots their art is unique,
The music is haunting with the dialect they speak.

Water laps the shoreline with a melody sublime,
Mountains I have them waiting, for you to climb.
My lowlands are green and I have dry salt lakes,
My land of beauty rivals any that our God makes.

Caves and winding rivers dot my varied land,
Beaches are so soothing with their snow white sand.
You will travel forth in time when you come to me,
This land of Australia that I want you to see.

My wineries are of the finest fruits ever grown,
And my people are the nicest you have ever known.
My land is an island just made for your delight,
Every place you look is a different lovely sight.

Iím waiting to welcome you onto my lovely shore,
Wonít you come to visit, you'll find an open door.
Many sights to entrance the eye; and fill your mind,
My land is waiting to give you joy in what you find.

My tribute to Australia where a much loved friend
~~ Judy Bibby ~~ livesÖ.Love you my angel friend.

© Norma Marek ~ 6th January 2004

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

Thank you Norma for this beautiful tribute to my homeland.
You have captured Australia perfectly.
God bless you my friend!!!

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