~~ Soldiers Last Letter Home ~~

Dear Mom and Dad...

I canít say Iím not scared, I am. At the same time I am proud to be a soldier.
Proud to be defending what I believe in. Maybe there was another way to do this,
but this was the way chosen, so here I am.

I miss you and hope to come home in time, but if I donít get back home I have
some favors to ask. Take my dog for walks and tell my little brother I love him and
not to forget me. My high school year books are in my room, and maybe once in
awhile you can get them out and look at the silly pictures in them so you will laugh
instead of cry.

Itís hot over here and the back packs we carry are heavy but not too much to bear.
My birthday is coming soon and no cake for me this year, but there are plenty of
lights from the bombs and gun blasts, so Iíll just pretend they are the candles you
insist on putting on the cake. Iíll be nineteen and sure do miss all of you and my

Is my old car still in the garage? Take it out once in awhile and drive it so our hands
will be touching where I held the steering wheel.

I know you donít see the stars at the same time I do, but we can still see the same
ones, just at different times.

Mom do you have the garden started yet, and Dad, have you started mowing the
lawn? Too bad you canít save the mowing for me, but grass grows fast. Over here
itís all sand and I sure miss the smell of fresh cut grass.

Tell my girlfriend I love her, and hug her for me. Tell her Iíll see her soon. Well Mom,
I have to stop this letter because I can hear the blasts getting closer so we have to
do our job. Iíll finish this when I get a minute away from the fighting. Just in case I
canít finish it, I want all of you to know I love you and sure will be glad to get home.

Gosh that one was close, so gotta go for now...

© Norma Marek ~ April 8, 2003

Dedicated to all the men and women who didn't get to
say their last goodbyes. May God bless and keep you.

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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