~~~ A Look At Life ~~~

How sweet life is when I thought I'd never see another day.
How good the air tastes and feels when it gently flows my way.
How beautiful voices sound when they touch my ears.
How lovely are the flowers, it fills my eyes with tears.

Never will I take for granted the stones along my path.
Nor will I ever let my heart again be filled with wrath.
I will treasure every sunrise, and every star filled sky.
The beauty of a mighty storm will forever please my eye.

I will not waste time and complain of senseless things,
Instead I'll stop to listen each time a song bird sings.
To be given this chance to live and love once more,
Is a gift that takes me to my knees upon the floor.

Life has become so precious,
I welcome whatever comes my way
And until it's time for me to go I'll treasure every day!

Norma Marek ~ 28 September 2003

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