~ A Real Christmas ~~


‘Twas twenty five days before Christmas,
Thanksgiving had come and gone.
I was a little bit tired a little bit sleepy,
Had started to stretch and yawn.

As I rose from my chair headed for bed,
I glimpsed a twinkle of light.
Oh no! I thought, a Christmas tree!
Which ruined my sleep for the night.

Around and around in my head flew thoughts,
Of what I could give as gifts this year.
Just before sleep I screamed in my mind,
Darn you Santa and all your reindeer!

While covered with soft downy covers,
Comfortably warm and snug as can be,
A dream decided to visit,
It was Christmas eve and I had no tree.

A tiny mouse sat in the corner of my room,
Looking very sad and alone.
Because no crumbs of cookies could he find
Any place in my treeless home.

No gaily wrapped gifts were strewn on the floor,
No fire glowed in the grate.
For me there’d be no Christmas this year,
To go shopping.....it was too late.

The rest of the night I tossed and turned,
Until light of the morning came ‘round.
I leapt from my bed and hurriedly dressed,
Headed to stores to see what could be found.

Within hours I’d spent so much money,
I wondered if I’d done the right thing.
Then I realized what I’d done to myself,
When I heard some children sing.

Their voices rang with melodies soft and pure,
They didn’t sing about gifts or frivolous things,
They reminded me of what Christmas really is,
They sang of the King of Kings.

This year I would be different and do it the right way,
Love would be the only gift I would give.
Hand sewn and homemade is the way I would go,
I’d thank Jesus for the life He gave, so that I may live.

© Norma Marek ~ 30 November 2003

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.




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