~~ Our Lord Jesus Gave Us Christmas ~~

He lay in a manger, there was no room at the inn,
His short life on earth was about to begin.
What a story this would be throughout the ages,
One that would fill many of our Bible pages.

This tiny Babe wrapped in His Fatherís love,
Sent to us from the heavens, far, far above.
Oh yes how perfect He was in every way,
Sent to give His life for us someday.

He was a gift from God to this world we live in,
His only begotten Son to save us from sin.
Oh, how He loves us, the pain and scorn He bore,
So we could have the chance of life evermore.

Men came to adore him with gifts precious and rare,
The bright star of Bethlehem lead them there,
To worship a Babe born into a life preordained,
As a sheep lead to slaughter trussed and chained.

All the miracles He did while He lived on the earth,
Was why God gave us this most holy birth.
It showed that our God in heaven was with us each day,
And taught many people to kneel and pray.

I cry when Christmas is made into a mockery with Jesus left out
After all Jesus is what Christmas is truly about.
Not lights and trees, money or gifts we canít really afford,
So this Christmas lets see if we can worship our Lord.

© Norma Marek ~ 1 December 2003

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