~~ Snowflakes On The Ground ~~

Snowflakes fell so gently and rested on the ground.
Plump and wafting slowly, not a thin one could be found.
Pine boughs bending 'neath it's weight on that Christmas night,
Bringing peace to my world making things all right.

Dinner was over and day had faded into the dusky eve.
The lovely picture of white purity was hard to believe.
All about was stillness like no other I'd ever known.
God had sent this wonder to be admired and to be shown.

I settled back to watch as tracks began to tread,
Across the lovely whiteness where my eyes were led.
Lights from the Christmas tree were reflecting from the snow,
It gave my frosted window a soft and gentle glow.

Warmth in my room made my eyes begin to close,
To dream about next Christmas when a strange form arose.
Outside my window was an angel dressed all in white,
He blended into the scene of purity on that Christmas night.

My dreams had been fulfilled, God had seen me through,
Now I send this image of my Christmas across the miles to you.

Norma Marek ~ December 2001

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