'Radiant Angel' by Edward Tadiello

~~ Memories Of You ~~

As I sit and think of all we did and said,
Memories wash over me as would a gentle rain.
I see your smile and hear your loving voice,
We will be reunited in heaven once again.

There was a time for tears to wash me clean,
A time for me to grieve when you had to go,
But memories remain engraved in my heart,
Of all we shared while I wait on earth below.

I think of you each day sometimes with tears,
Then I smile as I cry because of the years we had.
Knowing that when we meet again where you are,
There’ll be no reason to weep nor will we be sad.

When the flowers bloom each spring I feel you near.
I see your face in their colors so bright.
And when evening comes and stars fill the sky,
The memory of you eases the pain of my night.

I see you in the changing colors as frost nips the trees,
When I walk where your steps used to tread.
Your laughter rings through my mind as it did back then,
And I remember the things that you said.

The day came when you were no longer here,
A wreath was placed on the door.
An angel came and took you away from us,
God called you home forever more.

© Norma Marek ~ 15 July 2003

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Painting - 'Radiant Angel' by Edward Tadiello.


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