~~ The Innocence Of Children At Christmas ~~

To see a child's eyes light up at the mention of Santa Clause
Gives us joy to watch as they innocently believe,
That he really exists in some magic place far to the north,
With elves making gifts for them to receive.

In a childs world there is belief that a fat little man in a red suit,
Really comes to them silently in the night
With a sack of toys on a sleigh pulled by Santa's special deer
To make their Christmas happy and bright.

Their world is full of wonderment their minds filled with trust,
Oh to think as a child how sweet it must be
To wake on Christmas morning to see if the snack was eaten,
And find wonderful things under the tree.

Children can visualize in their innocence this wonderful picture
And believe it with all their precious heart.
They embrace the thought that this special day is just for them,
That in this time of magic parents had no part.

What joy they feel in their safe and loving uncluttered world,
What happy excitement they feel.
A sweet little childs Christmas surely has to be wonderful
Because to them Santa is very real.

Norma Marek ~ 23 December 2003

Have a Child's Merry Christmas

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