~~  Reflections  ~~


As I sit and ponder what has happened to so many, I recall a day
Many years ago when our nation was at war and I saw granny pray.
I didn't know what war was and went on with my daily life.
My dad was gone to I know not where and the world was filled with strife.

My mom was away working, making bombs and gunner's shells.
And all about were churches ringing sad sounding bells.
My life was much the same except with granny I did live,
Not knowing that my dad had gone to fight and his life to give.

I slept with my mom's shirt that had her scent to comfort me
While the ammunition she made was sent across the sea.
I awoke each morning with granny looking at the sky.
Never did I think to ask her. . . "Why?"

My brother and my sisters didn't want to play.
I went through many times that I had a lonely day.
Not 'till years later did I understand about the war in my time
And why I heard the sadness in each church bell's chime.

Later on in years, I played with ration slips left in an army trunk,
Along with dad's medals that I thought was just old junk.
Now that I'm old and wiser, I wish those things I'd kept,
Even mom's shirt that I used for comfort when I slept.

Dad's face grew dim in my memory as the years passed,
And mom was never the same when she came home at last.
Dear God, I pray this doesn't happen to the children of today,
So we as a nation need to take some time to pray.

To ask God for peace and help us to rid the earth
Of all that's evil and to a peaceful world give birth.
Let us do away with hatred and not harm our children of today.
The only way we will succeed is to kneel and pray.

Norma Marek ~ 25 September 2001

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Art by Erik Hollander used courtesy of  Christ Centered Art

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