~~ As I Rest On Satin Splendor  ~~

Here I lay on satin splendor, roses adorn my room today,
Conversation all around me, not one word do I say.
I listen to the gentle voices, almost whispers in their tone,
In this room filled with people, I am silent and alone.

No one came when I called, they seemed not to hear,
Though my voice was soft, to me it rang true and clear.
Why couldn't they hear me? I felt them touch my face,
As I lay on satin splendor, in this strange and lonely place.

Maybe I rest here dreaming, therefore soon I'll awake,
To a room filled with sunlight, of which I'll happily partake.
There is no need for tears, I see a chariot coming near,
So this is no dream, it's come to take me away from here.

A golden road appears, upon which I will take my final ride,
To a world of shining glory, with angels standing by my side.
I no longer lay on satin, I sit on a snow white velvet seat,
And Glory, Glory, Glory, the angels constantly repeat.

Oh what a grand welcoming, as I see a gate opened wide,
To allow my humble soul, to be carried graciously inside.
No I am not an angel, they are heavenly creations of our God.
I am just a mortal passed from earth, where once Jesus trod.

A hand is held out to me, no scars from nails do my eyes find,
The hands were healed by God, as will be my fate divine.
No more suffering will I have, there'll be only peace and love,
In this place of great salvation, that awaited me high above.

Norma Marek ~ 7th October 2003

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