~~ The Back Porch Swing ~~

When I was a child we had a back porch swing on which to sit.
And when troubles came, we went there to try to rest a bit.
It was old and familiar like a treasured, welcome friend.
And many times I went there, my prayers to God to send.

It felt like He was watching when I looked at the sky.
And the rhythm of the swing was like a gentle lullaby.
That swing saw sweethearts kissing and soothed a child to sleep.
It gave me many happy hours that I will always keep.

It heard songs of happy voices with the strum of a guitar.
The swing let me see sunshine and many a shooting star.
It always welcomed anyone that needed it's embrace.
And it saw tears and smiles in its special place.

It held memories I cannot forget as I look back to long ago.
The swing of my childhood is where God, I got to know.
It held granny's Bible and fed strangers on its old worn seat.
It let us tarry in the shade when we couldn't bear the heat.

I need that old swing to be in my life right here and now.
If it could be brought back. I'd make a solemn vow.
To keep it forever and love it as a cherished friend.
And it's soothing comfort, to the world I'd send.

Just an old swing on our back porch so long ago.
But the best friend...That I could ever know.

  Norma Marek ~ 2001

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