~~  From A Soldier At Christmas

I値l be with you for Christmas,
In each twinkling light you see.
I値l be the angel of love this year,
That tops your Christmas tree.

As the snow flakes start to fall,
Floating gently to the ground.
There I値l be for you to touch,
In each flake I can be found.

The voice you hear in your heart,
As you sing your carols of cheer,
Will be mine joining in with yours,
So there痴 no reason for tears.

The many long miles between us,
Will cease to exist Christmas day.
I値l be right there inside your heart,
Until I can come home to stay.

Stars you see, well I see them too,
We値l share the soft moonlit sky.
Soon I値l hold you once again,
You値l see how time will fly.

ゥ Norma Marek ~ 6th December 2003

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