~~ This Christmas Let's Think Of Him ~~

Art by Morgan Weistling

... Why we have Christmas ...

The child was the seed of God, to be born upon the earth.
The vessel was the woman who graciously gave birth.
In times of tribulation when the earth was filled with sin,
She offered up her womb for our savior pure within.

To poverty and carpentry He faced a life of strife.
He would have no children, no woman would He call wife.
His mission here was preordained, all planned before He came.
Born in a lowly manger, Jesus would be His name.

What miracles the world would witness, what wonders it would see,
During His days on earth before He gave His life for you and me.
The shedding of His blood would have to come about,
Before we could have a chance of sin to be without.

The world took him for granted, forgot what He did.
Let's search for the place, our love for Him we hid.
Bring it out for all the world to see !!!
Just what Jesus wanted for you....and for me.

Let's shout from places high and low
For the word He left behind.

nd show the lost and lonely just what they can find.

The peace the joy the happiness He provides for all !
If we take the time to give our Lord a call.

Norma Marek ~ 2001

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Art by Morgan Weistling courtesy of
Christ Centered Art

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