My Oh My !! ....It's Christmas!


Somebody spiked the eggnog,
Wonder who it could be?
Hey! Iím innocent of the prank,
Donít you dare look at me!
Just Ďcause Iím lying on the floor,
Doesnít mean a dog gone thing.
Iím just waiting for Santa Clause,
To see what goodies heíll bring.

Somebody got to the Christmas goose,
And ate all of the crispy brown skin.
I think it was cunning old Rover the dog,
But no! All eyes are on me once again!
Why is it when anything happens here,
Everyone always thinks to blame me?
Just because one time a few years ago,
I took the candy from the Christmas tree!

Somebody took his cookies and milk,
Why are you looking at me like that?
I donít even like the snack you leave,
Maybe it was eaten by that sneaky cat!
Just because Iím bloated and smiling,
Doesnít mean Iíll stay this fat and round.
So cast your eyes at someone else,
ĎCause Iíve not gained a single pound!

Somebody told Santa that only I live here,
How very greedy some people are.
Now you know It's not my doing,
If my name is on the tag of a brand new car!
Just because Iím wearing a silly grin,
Means Iím happy that Christmas is near,
Now stop blaming me it wonít be my fault,
If I get all the wonderful gifts this year!

© Norma Marek ~ 7th December 2003

...Big GrinsÖMerry Christmas

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