Nestled 'Neath Her Lifeless Wings ~~



The fire came roaring through the forest,
Taking all in its path;
A hellish demon with no mercy,
Destroying all with its wrath!

The forest floor lay dead,
Badly charred and burned.
From this true story comes
A lesson I have learned.
Life still existed there,
How they survived we do not know!
Mother love was instilled in her,
From the fire she did not go!

When ashes cooled
And woodsmen looked around,
The sight they saw was pitiful,
For lying on the ground,
Were baby birds not harmed by fire,
They still had life to live
All because the mother bird,
To save them, her life did give.

Never more will she fly
Nor will we hear the songs she sings.
Three baby birds were safe,
Nestled 'neath her lifeless wings.

Norma Marek ~ 8th August 2001

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