A Heck Of A Day


This morning I tied a scarf on my head,
Then decided to wear a wig that was red.
Dieting I donít need to worry about it,
Lost so much weight my clothes wonít fit!

Wondered what would happen today,
Tripped on the cat that was in my way.
Tried to eat breakfast had no appetite,
Guess I misplaced it somewhere last night.

Went to the den plopped in an old chair,
The cat was there first she pulled off my hair!
Went to the mirror to be sure it was straight,
Rushed out the door so I wouldnít be late.

Picked up the paper to read some of the news,
Looked at my feet, Iíd forgotten my shoes!
Oh forget going, the heck with it all I say,
Iíll just save my chores for another day.

Went back inside pulled the wig off my head,
Left on all my clothes and headed for bed.
Tomorrow Iíll find my appetite, look for my brain,
Then Iíll go in the morning if it doesnít rain.

One good thing about being dingy this way,
Is that you can always enjoy a heck of a day.

© Norma Marek ~ 19 August 2003

May as well laugh, crying does no good.
To dwell on an illness is detrimental to your recovery.

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.




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