Fairies Dance Within My Mind ~~

Fairy Kisses by Mary Baxter St Clair

As I drift on clouds of sleepiness, I see Fairies dance within my mind.
Each one sprinkling stardust, sparkling with colors of every kind.

Wings of softest beauty take them all about my downy bed,
While dreams of tomorrow, go flowing through my head.

Tinkling laughter trickles from their pouty, tiny lips,
Giving me much pleasure, as I caress them with my fingertips.

Light flashing from their hair as a shooting star,
Each night they visit me, they come from near and far.

Sliding down moonbeams, shining through my room at night.
Making all my world at peace, with soft songs of delight.

I cannot see them in daylight, no matter how I try,
But when I lay me down to sleep, they're there to sing a lullaby.

ŠNorma Marek ~ 4th June 1999

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