When You Walk By ~~

Besides Still Waters by Thomas Kinkade

When you walk by the flowers do they speak to you?
Do they whisper little secrets as only they can do?
When you see a tree in bud do you think of leaves to come?
Do you ever give a thought of where these things are from?

When you see birds building nests that takes them oh so long,
Do you hear the sweet melody of their future lovely song?
When you wade in cool water in a tiny flowing stream,
Do you close your eyes and enjoy a calming small daydream?

When you see fluffy cloud in skies of soft azure blue,
Do you try to see the beauty our God has given you
When you sit beneath the shade and get cool relief?
When rain slakes the thirst of plants and cleans the earth,
Do you feel joy and wonder at the miracle of birth?

When quiet covers everything with snow from the sky,
Do you wish you were an eagle and above it you could fly?
When you breathe the fresh clean air that God has given you,
Do you wish all these things someday will come true?

When you get up in the morning and have another day,
Do you always remember to thank Him when you pray?

ŠNorma Marek ~ 2002

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