~~ Angel Shadows In The Night ~~

God Brought us through another day in our life.
Night is slowly coming, and the fear begins to haunt us.
All our thoughts go back to, this is now our real life.

~In The Quiet Of The Night.~

We carry such a heavy load, when down on our knees.
Lord will you be there for us, help us to understand this new way of life.
When the days are filled with pain, and we feel we cant go on.

~In The Quiet Of The Night~

Together in Prayer as we look to you above to send your healing touch.
My Body, Mind, and Soul belong to you.
As the tears fall on my face, talking to you in the quiet of the so lonely night .
Help us understand these diseased old lungs we have.
Help us make the right decisions, for the care we need to survive.

~In The Quiet Of The Night~

Will you wipe away the tears, and the fears, that we feel in the early part of night.
We come to you in prayer, with love in our hearts.
So many things left to do.
Will I see the Angel Shadows tonight, or will I feel the fear,
let me get through tonight.
Do I believe in Miracles, yes Lord, this time in my life I do,
and I feel blessed.
You have sent me three already, I am thankful for that.
Disease, so very cruel for "Norma," Baby "B', and "Sandy L."
A disease that is just as cruel and devastating for me and my family,
as it is for these names above.
Only it carries a very different name. Just as evil.

~In The Quiet Of The Night~

This is a mixed prayer Lord for another who is suffering
from a disease so cruel, she must fight alone.
We are not the only ones to bare these difficult times.
I Pray to you, for so many that have crossed my path,
something I feel I must do.

~In The Quiet Of The Night~

A very small child, I have grown to love over a short period of time.
Baby "B" we call him. His parents turn only to you Lord With Prayers.
Their Faith, Not Broken, Still Standing Strong.
They remember the pain your Son suffered for all, to give us this life.
This so deep in my thoughts. Letting go is not what you want from me.
You keep calling my name.
You have work yet child, you will know when I call you home.

~In The Quiet of the Night~

Coming back to you, with all thoughts to accept, turning my life over
to you is all you expect.
Your Son suffered on the Cross to send his Spirit, Love,
and Courage down to us all.
This Morning when I awoke, the sun was shining and I
quietly said "Thank you Lord,"
You helped me through another dark night. Sleep I found last last night.

Bless all my friends who need you today.
Will you walk with us Lord, while we spread your word, on this warm sunny day.
Our courage and strength refreshed from the night.
Your words of hope and prayer help us more than you know. Even when tired.
Our hearts filled with love, again this day.

~In the Quiet of the Night~

So many of our friends who know, You are the man who lets the words just flow.
For the lost souls, we bring back into the fold, to your home above
the soft pillows of snow like clouds.
I am not afraid, when it comes time to walk hand in hand with you to my new home.
The day is coming to an end, soon the darkness will say it's time for me to sleep.
Our Prayers being heard, mine always end with Thank You Lord.
For another day, as the dark settles in, with fears again.
I pray Will The Angel Shadows Stay with me tonight.

~~In The Quiet Of The Night~~

September 16, 2003  ~~ Deanna Cowan Geary ~~

*Dedicated to Norma Marek, Baby Berkley and Sandy L.
As they struggle with courage to carry on.
*My Beautiful Friend, Denise Sorenson, Already home with God.

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