~~ Paint Me A Picture Lord ~~


Paint me a picture Lord, with colors
bold and true.
Paint me a picture Lord,
as only You can do.
Paint me a picture Lord, of a place
where peace I find.
Paint me a picture Lord, of a place
I carry in my mind.

Use the colors of the rainbow,
an angel's wing for a brush.
Please Lord let it have, a soft and

calming hush.
Send it down to me Lord, this is what

I ask of You.
Make it cover the sky Lord,
for everyone to view.

Please make it cleanse me of sin
and condemnation.
Paint me a picture Lord, that I can share
 with every nation.
Lord,make it with doves and

olive leaves,that is what I ask.
I know that you Lord,will find this

an easy task.

So please Lord paint me a picture,
I need You today.
This picture will be my reminder
to be kind in every way.
Thank You Lord for listening to my plea.
You and only You can bring peace to me.

Norma Marek ~ 11th October 2001

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with love and blessings

Norma Marek






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