As I strolled through the garden I heard whispers all about.
The whispers were of creation, of that I had no doubt.
Suddenly appearing before me, a soft glow of muted light.
An angel stood beside a tree on that star -filled night.

Smiling with angelic calm, he motioned me to come.
I didn't hesitate to follow, though my mind desired to run.
We sat upon a grassy spot and he looked at the sky.
Not a word had he said so I asked him, "Why?"

Then he began to speak of the reason he was there.
His words were like a melody, light flashed from his hair.
He told me of heaven and the price for sin I'd pay.
As the angel spoke I was shamed and turned my face away.

Then another angel came forward carrying a book.
He sat down beside me and told me to take a look.
My name was not in it so I began to be afraid.
He said I had forgotten the price our Lord had paid.

To be written in the book again would be a simple thing.
I had to glorify our Lord and my heart began to sing.
I had always loved Him but had strayed away from Him.
Now I had a chance to rectify because He had sent me them,
to tell me that He loved me and wanted me to change my way.

I got on my knees and started then and there to pray.
The angels rose to their feet and smiled before they turned to go.
Now I believe in angels and I surely know.
That if you think you are lost, He will find you once again.
All you have to do is remember that He died for our sin.

Norma Marek ~ 30th August 2001

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