~~ Unsung Lullaby ~~

As life gets closer to the end, I feel Iíve missed so much.
Yes, Iíve felt the tenderness of a husband's loving touch.
Iíve seen all Godís glory that surrounds me each day,
And watched while my children grew up in His way.

Iíve tasted love and hate, sadness and happiness too,
But yet I feel thereís something I still have left to do.
Maybe Iím just stalling in my mind, fending off the end.
Waiting for something special right around lifeís next bend.

But what it is I do not know, I just feel so incomplete.
My years are passing much to fast, one with each heartbeat.
When I was young, my thoughts were that I would never grow old.
Now I have awakened and found that age can be so cold.

My loved ones have no time for me, though for them Iíd give my all.
Just a word is all it would take and Iíd know for what they call.
Never asking any questions, just showing them my love.
Iíd fly to their side and do what I could with words soft as a dove.

Growing old in this time is a hard thing to do so I sometimes cry,
For one last time Iím neededÖÖ for an unsung lullaby.

© Norma Marek ~ 9th October 2002

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