~~ Wooden Box And Silver Locks ~~

When your life is almost over and to God you give your all.
You'll remember the times you stumbled and He let you fall.
This was to teach you humility and remind you He is there,
With His hand outstretched to raise you and that He does care.

When you reach the end of your beginning and you have to go,
You'll wish you had some time to let your loved ones know,
Just how much you loved them and didn't show them your heart,
Now it's too late to do it because you have to part.

If I could pack all the "should haves" in a wooden box,
I would pack them all within and seal it with silver locks.
I would replace all the hurts I gave them with loving memories,
That they could look back over anytime they please.

The "I don't have time right nows" would all cease to be,
And the "I'll do it tomorrows" would not have come from me.
The hugs and the "I love you's" would have been done each day.
All the lonely times you had would not have been that way.

Little gifts that said I care would have come to let you know.
That I love you so very much before it was time for me to go.
Now it's too late to show you all these things I wish I'd done,
But I can wish you life of many pleasures and days filled with sun,
And hide away the hurts that should have never been,
That filled your lives with thoughtlessness and things I held within.

So if I could put all the thoughtless things in a wooden box,
I'd pack them oh, so tightly and secure them with silver locks.
I'd throw away the keys and place the box deep in the ground,
Where all the things I should have done, could never again be found.

Norma Marek ~ 14th October 2001

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