~~ They Were There ~~

There were angels above my bed watching over me.
God sent them in my time of need though them I did not see.
I told others they were there, Oh how blessed I feel,
Because God sent them to me and I know they were real.

Then a choir started singing, all the nurses heard their voice.
They tried to see where it was coming from, to not be seen was their choice.
The voices of the heavens sent forth music beyond compare.
God touched all in that room, He let them know they were there.

I put my life in God's hands, His will was to let me live,
And all the glory, love and praises to my Father I'll always give.
Just to know He loves me and sent me angels from His throne,
Makes me feel so very humble to know I was not alone.

Through my life I've heard stories of God sending angels to the earth,
I don't know why I deserved them, I've done nothing special since my birth.
There in that bed where I lay angels came to me.
I do not question His awesome gift, though them I did not see.

But I did hear the singing flowing through the air,
And I know my Lord loves me and I know they were there.

Norma Marek ~ 14th September 2003

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