~~ The Little Bird's Song ~~

So fragile she was, and small
The bird with the broken wing
So sad now she cannot fly,
But her voice still can sing.

Why harm this little bird?
Why take her freedom from her?
Why terrify this tiny one?
Why try to overcome her?

God works in mysterious ways,
He most often won't say why,
Though, were I to guess, I'd likely say
This little bird has caught His eye.

This bird will sing more songs for Him,
While resting in her nest,
And while her wing is healing,
Her songs will be the best.

Her music, though beautiful before,
Will now reflect a golden tongue,
She'll sing about God's hand on her,
The sweetest song she's ever sung.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~ 14 September 2003

Dedicated to Norma Marek

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