~~ I Refuse To Look Away ~~


If you have hurt my heart with your vicious lies,
If you have made me sad and want to hear my cries,
If you are waiting for the time I turn my head in shame,
Then look no longer, my head is high and you are the one to blame.

If you are waiting for me to look away when we pass by,
If you are wishing that you could see me sad enough to cry,
If you think I will wear my heart upon my sleeve today,
Then wait no longer, I am strong, I refuse to look away.

Your evil ways and cold heart will not break my spirit down.
Your hurtful ways and selfish soul will not make me wear a frown.
Your weapons will not work on this loving heart of mine.
I learned long ago that you were not the caring kind.

If you can live with rot within your heart and it not bother you,
If you can throw my love away, that you knew was pure and true,
If you can hate with your heart and not give a care,
Then you will do all it alone, I will not be there.

Yes you are part of my family and no, I have done no wrong,
Yes I go about my day and in my heart I sing a lilting song.
Yes you have hurt yourself, you no longer can hurt me,
Because now my eyes are open, and you, I can clearly see.

How can you punish me as you do and not fear it to reverse,
How can you keep my name upon your lips and speak it like a curse?
How can you not see what you have done with what you had to say?
You are corrupt, I am clean, so I refuse to look away.

Norma Marek ~ 25 June 2002

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