~~ A Special Thanksgiving ~~

The stove gave heat that Thanksgiving morning to a family filled with love.
A big dinner was not planned, food was scarce but God smiled from above.
We never had a lot but what we had was always just enough to fill our needs.
The dinner that day would be whatever we had from when we planted seeds.

Cans of wild berries would make a pie to sit in a place of honor on the table,
With dried beans along with homemade bread and some potatoes we were able,
To bring forth a meal fit for a king that Thanksgiving day long ago that I remember,
On the Thursday that most were eating store bought food of every kind in that November.

The meal that was made with love with whatever we could find was grand indeed,
And we thanked our Lord for full bellies and for providing for our every need.
It was a special Thanksgiving day, one Iíll never forget as long as I live.
Because after we ate our meal of what we had, To God, our thanks we did give.

© Norma Marek ~ 15 November 2002

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