~~ Lord I Lay This At Your Door ~~

Of hurt and sorrow I have had my share and more
So Lord I hand them all to you, I sweep them out my door.
You've carried me through the years when I needed You,
And lightened all my loads, in each storm that I walked through.

You've let me make mistakes and suffer to make me strong
This time Lord I went too far, I need You to right my wrong.
I hurt someone so precious that you gave me long ago to love,
I ask You to help me fix it Lord, send me help from You above.

Please don't make me fix this thing I've done, I don't think I can
It is my child Lord, the one You let grow to be a kind and gentle man.
I hurt him Lord, I showed careless anger without thought or care
It came from deep inside me Lord, where it had lain dormant there.

I know You show righteous anger to Your children when they do wrong,
But Lord I had not the right, because to You he does belong.
I failed to pray about this thing before I spoke words of anger that I regret
Now I ask You to help me right my wrong and help him to forget

Please look down on me Lord and give me strength in this time of doubt.
Help me wipe the words away Lord, help me to sweep them out.
I hurt with all my being and know I will forever more;
So please Lord, one more time I lay this at Your door.

Norma Marek ~ 16 February 2002

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Art by Roger Loveless used courtesy of Christ Centered Art

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