~~ The Darkest Night ~~

On storm tossed sea a floundering ship was ripped and tossed about.
Beyond the place where I could see lay death I had no doubt.
The souls she carried gave frightful, resounding screams of fear.
Not a man could help them, no eye was without a mournful tear.

Raging waters beat the shore where all the loved ones stood.
To try to get to them with any boats did not a bit of good.
Wind came ashore that night bringing a raging deathly flood.
When morning came, bodies lay strewn about in sucking, slimy mud.

The storm had come and gone but heartbreak lingered in the mind.
To not be forgot for years to come and peace they could not find.
Not a man survived that frightful storm on the sea that night.
All lost for eternity, emptiness was the widow's and mother's plight.

Long since gone from the earth, taken by the raging stormy sea.
For them to get to safety and home was never meant to be.
No reproof to heaven nor blame upon our mighty Lord was said.
Acceptance! all of them put no blame upon his holy head.

This story told throughout the years went from ear to ear.
About the loss of seamen who to someone was truly dear.
Will of God had won out over all the pleas of saddened men.
For most were lifted up and lived with God where there is no sin.

Left here on earth are we where saddened and not content.
Those lucky ones that night for heaven they were meant.
Mourn not for the ones gone from us show your happiness.
The home in which they reside is one which we should bless.

Norma Marek ~ 15 August 2001

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