~~ God Bless Grandpa Joe ~~

God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, but most of all, God bless Grandpa Joe.
He’s a truck driver you see and in pain all the time and I do love him so.
His back is hurt and his leg is swollen from a fall he had last week.
But he just keeps going when he’s in such pain that he can barely speak.

I asked him why he can’t stay home ‘till he’s well and this is what he said.

“You know that patch of ground where you live and the tree where you have your swing?
And the old fence that keeps your dog at home and your Dad’s pleasure of gardening?
Then there’s the place you like to sit and hear the frogs sing to you when night time falls,
And the stars you see in the sky and how your face lights up when the whippoorwill calls.

And what about the berries you pick and and the way you play in the pure white snow?
Did you like the gifts you got last Christmas and the whistle I made for you to blow?
How about the arrow heads that you can find without having to leave your own land?
And what about the doctor bill when you fell on the rock and cut up your hand?

Do you think you’d miss the bluffs and the woods where you spend happy hours?
And the way you can step outside your door and pick your Mom some wildflowers.
What about those little gifts you get from me that I bring home for no special reason?
Don’t forget the good clean air that you breathe up here no matter what the season.

The yard you play in and where you are growing up, well I’m sure you’d miss that.
And the time you wanted to be like me and I bought you a special cowboy hat.
What about the feeling of security of being loved and knowing wherever you roam
You’ll always be able to come back to this place ‘cause it’ll always be your home.

I could go on for a good long time telling you why I have to work no matter what,
But the real reason I have to go on is so I can pay for what we’ve got.”
So God bless Mommy and God bless Daddy but most of all Grandpa Joe.
He’s a truck driver you see and in pain all the time and I really do love him so.

© Norma Marek ~ 15 July 2002

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