~~ An Easter Long Ago ~~

These were the words she said.

“Gather up the walnut hulls and boil some onion skin.
Help me find the big iron pot to put the hen eggs in.
Now don’t forget the berry juice that colors them so blue,
Remember that’s the job I save for you to do.

Go get the freshest eggs make sure they’re all white,
So we can dye them pretty colors on this special night.
Get your dress and shoes that you wear to church each week,
Put them by your bed so you don’t have to search and seek.

When morning comes dress in them then come to eat,
Because tomorrow we will have a special Easter treat.”
Yes my granny made things happen to gladden our heart,
Easter was the way she made our springtime start.

It would be the beginning of barefoot days and sowing seeds,
To watch them grow into food to eat instead of weeds.
Horehound and mint candy would be hidden with the eggs,
We always had fun though the briars scratched up our legs.

Dinner always had our eggs in the middle of the table for display,
Making it look so festive on our backwoods Easter day.

© Norma Marek ~ 2 April 2003

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