~~ Final Act ~~

When the final act is over and the curtain slowly falls,
When I no longer live and another director calls,
I will have acted my last part in the play that we call life,
And march to the band of glory, led by a happy sounding fife.

The drums will roll a cadence as I climb that golden stair!
And at it s shining top I'll find God waiting for me there!
A stage will be set with angels and I won t be the star.
That role will be played by Jesus, as I watch from my place afar.

What a play I will witness of peace and love divine,
And know that all this wonderment will forever now be mine.
I won't miss playing the staring role nor the things I left behind,
For the final act will never come and eternal comfort I will find.

Leaving this earth will be sad for some but never sad for me,
I have a new life waiting and from my shackles I'll be free.
To loving arms I'll go and be held forever more,
When my ship to heaven docks, on it's peaceful shore.

Norma Marek

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