~~ The Angels Around God's Throne ~~

Can you imagine what a lovely sight, with angels 'round God's throne?
Sitting on cushions of gold, and praising Him with lovely song.
Being bathed with soft light, coming from their bodies oh so fair.
I wish that I could see them, gliding gracefully through the air.

They are the adornment to heaven, God created them to be,
Sometimes to earth He sends them, to watch over you and me.
But heaven is the place they live and Gather 'round God's throne.
To lovingly obey His wishes, never doing one thing wrong.

Angels are happy to live in our hearts and in our mind.
They help to fend off evil and bring us things that's kind.
Just think of the awesome chance of seeing one someday.
To sit 'round God's throne and have a golden harp to play.

Yes the angels that live in heaven, are beauty beyond all.
To sit 'round the throne of God, I'm waiting for that call.

Norma Marek ~ 26 August 2001

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