~~ The Book ~~

Thereís no dust upon the bible, no dust upon the holy word,
Because it lays upon your table never read never heard.
It is the perfect scrapbook holding all your special things,
Used as decoration not for the peace it brings.

It lays for all who come to visit and admire itís binding gold,
And run their fingers over the leather which hold stories to be told.
They say, ďOh how lovelyĒ and you puff up with selfish pride,
Because no rips or dog eared pages do you have to hide.

Sometimes itís opened to show a picture of our Lord for display,
Never once do you pick it up and read or hold it while you pray.
Yes itís a showpiece laying in a place no one can miss to see,
Iím just glad this pretty unused book does not belong to me.

My bible is torn and ragged the binding loose and frail,
But to me it has beauty pictures worn out with no detail.
Itís pages have all been turned so many times they are thin,
Because I have read it and know all the stories held within.

Thereís no dust upon my bible, no dust upon itís holy word,
A bible cannot gather dust if itís being read and heard.
Yes it holds a lot of my special saved up memory things,
But it is used daily for the peace and love it brings.

So you take your pretty book and let it lay to be displayed,
And Iíll take mine and remember all the times Iíve prayed.
When it comes to a bible mine will win without a doubt,
For itís use has added to itís beauty though itís all worn out !

© Norma Marek ~ 2 August 2003

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.




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