~~ Can't You See The Angels Shielding ~~

Wings aglow with God's blessing, sent to shield us from above.
Spread wide and covering all of us with His holy love!
Those that accept His protection will stand beneath their shield.
They'll live in a world of peace where everyone is healed.

Angels were created to serve our Lord so giving and so pure.
And mankind will live forever, of this you may be sure!
Angels sing their praises all around God's throne.
Can't you see the angels living all around your home?

They're with us when we eat, and stay while we're asleep.
In their care God has placed us and their love we keep.
Angels are here on earth to protect us from all harm.
If we stumble we reach out to their waiting arm.

Though to fear we are sometimes thought to be yielding.
Not me, no never, because I can feel the angels shielding.

Norma Marek ~ 13 September 2001

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Art by Jean Monti used courtesy of Christ Centered Art

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