~~ The Velvet Dress ~~

I was sitting on the back porch making a tea set from clay I found at the creek.
The sky was filled with snow white clouds and the bowl I used had a leak.
I'd been told to find something to do 'cause company had come that day,
So what better thing could I do than make a homemade tea set of clay?

I didn't know what was going on in our little house, only muffled voices I heard,
And out in the meadow, the prettiest song ever, came from the throat of a little bird.
The swing on the porch was creaking and the well bucket swung in the breeze,
While I worked away happily and watched trees as they started losing their leaves.

An autumn chill was in the air and I was getting just a little bit cold,
But the falling leaves reminded me that God had painted them gold.
Then something I d never had happen to me happened on that day,
Mommy called me to meet the company so I laid down my tea set of clay.

When I walked through the old screen door I saw a stranger standing there,
A man was right in the middle of the room, coal black was his hair.
In his hands was the prettiest dress, Velvet covered with lace,
And Mommy had a bright smile on her lips, it's happiness lit up her face.

"Do you want it honey?" she asked, oh to have one of those!
The peddler saw my eyes light up, I saw Mommy's faded clothes.
"Could I just touch it and maybe try it on so I can see?" I said.
Mommy took me behind the curtain that hid her rope tied bed.

The prettiest dress I d ever seen and then I almost cried,
When I decided to tell her it itched because to her I'd lied.
I just couldn't take that dress with Mommy needing so much,
But I'll always remember the way it felt, velvet was it's touch.

Norma Marek ~ 21 July 2002

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