~~ Your Love Resides Within My Heart ~~

Hymns are sent and poems written to glorify Our Lord each day.
And when you are asked if you are saved “yes” is what you say.
But if you are truly a child of God you feel it in your heart so deep,
That it speaks to you with each breath you take and shows even when you sleep.

A peaceful hush comes over you as He touches with His great holy hand,
And all the worry is wiped away as a wave does to a castle in the sand.
There is no mountain you cannot climb no river that’s too wide.
When God puts faith in your heart and walks closely by your side.

We write these poems and sing these songs with all good intention.
We think we belong to Him but of His glory we seldom mention,
All that He does each day to carry us through this troubled life,
And all the love He gives to help us face our daily strife.

Too many times I’ve called on Him and He has always heard my plea.
When I need to unlock my faith He hands me the perfect key.
If I need to wash away a hurt or just have a peaceful day,
I know he is there listening and will show me the way.

So when you sing your songs of praise or write your words of prose,
Do you really mean it is His way the way you chose?
I know He walks with me and holds my hand because....
I am His child.

© Norma Marek 19 April 2002

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.




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